Two Dollaz, Makes Me Holla For Taco Tuesday At Uncle Julio’s Boca Raton

Uncle Julio’s Boca Raton

(Click above for their website)


Uncle Julio’s is a great Mexican restaurant in beautiful Mizner Park.  The menu is a bit pricey but on Tuesdays you can hit the lottery! Uncle Julio’s offers a delectable selection of Mexican specialties: fajitas, enchiladas, homemade salsas, fresh guacamole and of course tacos! They are also known for their famous Swirls (shown above). This incredible concoction is a mixture of a frozen margarita and frozen sangria, sure to get you swirlin’ around like it’s a fiesta! A plus, during happy hour they are only $5!!

Uncle Julio’s Taco Tuesday (All Day Long):

  • $2 Each for a beef, pulled chicken, or black bean taco
  • $3 For a grilled chicken taco
  • $4 For a steak taco
  • $9 Chicken fajita special

Regular Happy Hour (Mon-Fri 3-7PM):

  • Half off select appetizers (small queso, small guacamole, queso and guacamole combo & more!)
  • $5 Swirls, frozen margaritas, margaritas on the rocks, frozen sangria & sangria on the rocks
  • $3 Bottled beer
  • $4 Select glasses of wine
  • $6 Select liquor drinks

Not too shabby, right? Oh, and they give you free chips and salsa! The chips and salsa are made in house, fresh everyday. They are bottomless and if your salsa doesn’t have enough bite for you, they have a spicy batch in the back that is also free, just ask your server!

Every Tuesday-Uncle Julio’s-Mizner Park-Get to Swirlin’


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